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  • We connect people locally, share resources and spread unexpected joy


What We Do

The Licorice Project is a community for everyone affected by breast cancer: newly diagnosed patients, survivors, and their families and friends.

  • Connect

    We’re a breast cancer community based in Chicago. Together, women at all stages can find the strength, humor, and friendship they need.

  • Curate

    We share resources that provide hope and inspiration, save time and energy, and make it easier to help a friend. Let us do the legwork for you!

  • Delight

    Little things can make a big difference. We’re constantly on the lookout for those unexpected treats that can brighten someone’s day!

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Breast Cancer Resources

We’ve hand-picked resources that we’ve found to be helpful, hopeful, timesaving, inspirational, funny, and more. Here are a few of our favorites. Check out ALL of our selected Resources.

  • Happify

    Featured • Inspiration

    Happify makes it a little easier to be, well, happy! Rooted in science, this app offers activities and games that help retrain...

    View More
  • Headspace

    Beauty & Wellness • Daily Help • Featured

    Headspace is a mindfulness meditation app that is helping to bring meditation to the masses. It offers a simple way to meditate...

    View More
  • LympheDIVAs

    Beauty & Wellness • Featured

    Looking for a compression sleeve solution that is both medically correct and stylish? Visit LympheDIVAs, which creates and sells...

    View More
  • Brides Against Breast Cancer

    Featured • Inspiration

    Buying a wedding dress is a very special moment in many women’s lives, but Brides Against Breast Cancer  has found a way to...

    View More
  • Savor Health

    Daily Help • Featured

    Savor Health is specifically designed for the nutritional challenges facing people undergoing cancer treatment. They provide...

    View More
  • Fellow Flowers

    Exercise • Featured • Inspiration

    Anyone who has ever gone out for a run with a friend knows what a cathartic experience it can be. It’s a time to clear your...

    View More
  • Camp Kesem logo

    Camp Kesem

    Featured • Support Groups

    Camp Kesem is a college student run camp for kids with a parent who has (or has had) cancer. These amazing one-week sleep away...

    View More
  • Cure Diva logo

    Cure Diva

    Beauty & Wellness • Featured • Hair & Headcovers

    Cure Diva is the first ever “personalized lifestyle solutions” online shop for women facing Breast Cancer, and it truly feels...

    View More

A community in your backyard


1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018. They are your neighbors, your child’s teachers and the women you pass on the street. You might otherwise never know them or their struggle. We created The Licorice Project to make it easier to find others on this journey. No one should walk alone!


Join The Licorice Project community and you’ll get access to our closed Facebook Group. A special place to make friends, seek local recommendations, and support one another. You’ll also receive invitations to our seasonal gatherings.


Friends Forever

The best part of The Licorice Project is the people whose lives are positively impacted by what we do. Here they are, in their own words.

The Licorice Project has helped me through the toughest year of my life. You are part of a community of women who have already “been there and done that” and are willing to share their stories and advice.
~ Elizabeth (breast cancer survivor)

I know I could call anyone in this group with a question about anything and they will help find an answer. It’s a fun group of women who deal with difficult topics.
~ Maureen (breast cancer survivor)

The night before I started my chemo treatments I was surrounded by a community of women who supported me. The Licorice Project has changed my life with new friendships and relationships.
~ Julie (breast cancer survivor)

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